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Discover the history and beauty of the “Children’s paradise” and much more

To discover the main characteristics of Premeno, about 10 minutes away from Verbania and from Lake Maggiore, just consider that it probably takes its name from the Latin designation pratus amoenus (beautiful, luxuriant garden). The greenery is in fact a distinctive characteristic of the town, which rises at an altitude of about 800 metres, planted in a valley and defended by the surrounding mountains.

Tourism in Premeno
Thanks to its special position and to the proximity of Lake Maggiore, Premeno has an agreeable and pleasant climate which made the town be particularly loved throughout the 1900s, in particular by Milan’s Bourgeuoisie, as witnessed by the many aristocratic villas that can still be admired there.

The Children’s Paradise
In those days Premeno was considered the Children’s Paradise, as many families would bring their children to spend their holidays on these hills, to breathe fresh air and perform invigorating outdoor activities.

These are ideal characteristics, which can still represent the ideal solutions for anyone looking for a healthy destination, with nature and fresh air.
What to see
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