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Specialties from Piedmont and Italian cuisine give even more flavour to your holiday

We are delighted to open the doors of our Table d'Hôte Restaurant, named after how it was called during the golden age of the Belle Epoque.

At the time children would dine earlier, with their nannies and with the hotel staff, while the Table d'Hôte, the guest table, was a prerogative of lords, who could then taste exquisite foods and discuss business in total relax.

Relive the charm of those times in the Hotel Restaurant , also open to outside customers with an à la carte menu.
Cooking and feelings
Time has stopped here and breakfast is always sweet

An absolutely relaxed holiday. Our hotel has no set time limitations for breakfast, and the buffet serves customers until the late morning.

A true traditional restaurant
The flavour that more than any other describes the service at the Table d'Hôte Restaurant is that of the traditional Piedmont hospitality. You are awaited by hand-cut roast beef, homemade desserts and pastries, freshly cleaned gilthead fish and other local products in season, such as our many varieties of renowned porcino mushrooms. All this seasoned with great attention and quality.
An example of daily menu based on local products:

Perch tortelli from our lake
Novara style Paniscia


Golden vendace with courgette flowers
Piedmont style steak slices with local Porcino mushrooms


In conclusion:
sweet pancake with local apples and Calvados ice cream

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