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Tennis Club Premeno

The main witness of Premeno’s great history

The Premeno Tennis Club is on Viale Marsaglia and is in some ways the most obvious evidence of Premeno’s glorious touristic past.

Hotel Vittoria and the Premeno Tennis Club
The Premeno Tennis Club is only 3 minutes’ walk away from Hotel Vittoria 3 stars, which with its specific convention is therefore the ideal solution for your sports holidays close to Lake Maggiore.

It was English tourists, on holiday in Premeno, who first wanted to build tennis courts, even before the 1900s, so as to never have to stop playing their favourite sport even when on holiday.

And so, in 1895 (third tennis club in Italy) this circle was founded and continues to be attended and enjoyed today.

Just imagine that in its early years Lawn Tennis Premeno (its original English name) became so famous that it was even featured in an article of La Gazzetta dello Sport (1896). Initially, due to its grass courts, it was known as the little Wimbledon and had wooden stands, due to the amount of spectators that came to the events.

General Information

The Premeno Tennis Club is provided with a Club House and is usually open from April to October, from 8 AM to 8 PM every day.

The club often organizes memorials, events and most of all shared and individual courses, for children and grown-ups.

It has two red clay courts and one artificial grass one, is surrounded by nature and has a panoramic view over the area’s main mountains and the entire municipality of Premeno.
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